Real Estate Law

We at The Head Law Firm represent individuals, corporate clients, families, landlords, and tenants in several types of real estate matters. Below, you’ll find information about some of the most common real estate concerns we handle, but we encourage you to give us a call even if your particular situation isn’t discussed on this page.

Buying or Renting a Property

Whether you are looking to buy or rent a property for your business, yourself, or your family, it’s important that you go about making the transaction wisely. If, for instance, you rush to buy or rent a property that appears to meet all of your criteria, you might overlook important details about that property or the deal you’ve made to attain it. If you sign a lease that is unclear or ambiguous, you could find yourself locked into an agreement that isn’t all that fair to you.

To prevent these and similar issues from arising, it's in your best interest to enlist the help of an experienced real estate attorney. Such a legal professional could help you compare properties, investigate titles, negotiate for a better deal, and protect your interests.

Selling a Property

Just as it’s wise to consult an attorney when buying a property, it’s equally important to get advice when selling. Our team can work with you to draft, revise, or review a purchase agreement, thereby ensuring that you are fully aware of and in control of the terms of your sale. As an added bonus, we are prepared to put our Oakland County real estate connections to good use in finding you the best deal.

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Adding a Family Member to a Deed

In Michigan, it’s very common for a homeowner to add a spouse or child to their home’s deed as a way of ensuring the property stays within the family in the event of their passing away. Another common reason for taking this step is to avoid the cost and inconvenience of the probate process.

That being said, there are also a few disadvantages to adding someone to your deed, such as becoming liable for your new co-owner’s debt. To determine whether adding to your deed is the right move for you, it’s best to review your goals and options with a lawyer.


We work with both landlords and tenants on eviction matters. If you are a landlord trying to evict an uncooperative tenant, or if you are a tenant who believes you are being wrongfully evicted by your landlord, please reach out. We want to help you find, expose, and enforce the truth of your landlord-tenant agreement.

Real Estate Litigation

When it comes to real estate, just about any type of agreement can turn sour if not handled properly. If you, your family, or your business has run into a dispute that you’re struggling to resolve amicably with the other side, don’t hesitate to call us.

Your Farmington Hills Real Estate Law Team

Since 2008, we have made it our business to help people throughout the Detroit Metro area make legally sound real estate decisions. Whether you have questions about an agreement, need advice on a purchase, or suspect that you need an experienced litigator, we’re here to help. Call today to put our real estate knowledge on your side.