Business Litigation in Farmington Hills, MI

In the business world, conflicts are inevitable. Still, they can often be resolved through amicable means by those directly involved. When that’s not the case, though, litigation becomes a necessary step in the dispute resolution process. Fortunately for the business owners of the Detroit Metro area in Michigan, they don’t have to face this legal process alone or unprepared.

Our Mission

At The Head Law Firm, our focus is always on finding ways to achieve our clients' goals effectively and efficiently. For businesses, that means resolving their disputes as painlessly as possible, as well as helping them learn from the experience so they can better avoid it in the future.

Whether you're a small business owner or part of a large corporation, we are here to help your company thrive. Call us if you’ve reached an impasse with a contractor, vendor, or other business. Below are some of the case types we handle, though you are more than welcome to call and inquire about other business-related disputes.

Breaches of Contract

When you enter into a contract, you hold certain expectations. If, for instance, you are being hired to perform a service, you expect to be paid in full for that service once the work is completed. If, on the flip side, you’re the party that is hiring someone else for a service, you expect the work to be completed by a certain time and meet a certain level of quality.

When your expectations aren’t reached by the other side — or when you feel that the other side is abusing your agreement — that means it’s time to talk to an attorney. We at The Head Law Firm represent both plaintiffs and defendants in breaches of contract cases. Whether you're the accuser or the accused, our expertise is at your service.

You know your business. We know the law.

Let’s Join Forces

Real Estate Matters

Business and real estate cases sometimes intertwine because managing your property is an important aspect of running a business. If, as a business owner, you need help buying or selling a property, drafting or reviewing real estate paperwork, or litigating your case in court, consider us your go-to real estate resource. Call us or visit our Real Estate page for more information.

Complicated Business Disputes

Of course, the conflicts discussed above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to business negotiations and disputes. If you’ve run into a more complicated issue — as either a plaintiff or a defendant — call to schedule an informative consultation.

Small Collections

“Debt” is a word frequently heard but never welcomed by business owners. Whether someone owes you a debt or you owe a debt to them, your chances of resolving the issue can only increase by enlisting the help of a knowledgeable business law team.

Resolving a Business Dispute in Detroit, Michigan

Running a business is challenging — sometimes in a good way, and sometimes not. If a conflict has arisen between your business and another party, don’t face that challenge alone. Instead, reach out to us for guidance. We will use every tool at our disposal to make your dispute a thing of the past.