Criminal Defense

Drunk Driving with a High BAC

Client was charged with Operating With a High BAC (“Super Drunk Driving”). At the first Pretrial, the prosecutor firmly stated that her office does not give any plea reductions for this type of charge. After reviewing the police reports and police videos, Shawn Head determined that the police did not follow proper procedures when conducting the Datamaster breath test. Shawn Head filed a motion to suppress the breath test results. 

After receiving the motion, the prosecution offered a severely reduced plea offer, which the client gladly accepted. At sentencing, the client was ordered to pay fines and costs, and the case was closed without her having to serve any probation time.

Possession of Marijuana

Client was pulled over for running a red light. When the police officer approached the vehicle, he claimed he smelled the odor of marijuana, and searched the vehicle. The police officer found marijuana, and the client was charged with possession of marijuana. After reviewing some discovery information, including police videos, Shawn Head was able to prove that the Client did not run a red light. Shawn Head filed a motion challenging the validity of the traffic stop and seeking to suppress all evidence obtained from the unconstitutional search of the client’s vehicle.

When the prosecutor read the motion, he agreed to dismiss all charges.

Domestic Violence

Client was charged with assaulting his girlfriend. Client denied the charges, and claimed that he, in fact, was the one who was assaulted. Unfortunately, a year before, the client had plead guilty to assaulting the same woman, and was still on probation for that offense. 

Knowing that the jury was going to hear about the first case, Shawn Head took the case to trial anyway, and obtained a NOT GUILTY verdict.

Criminal Sexual Conduct

Client, a college student, was charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct – 3rd Degree, a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Client vehemently denied any assault and claimed that all sexual contact with the accuser was consensual. After the Client passed two separate polygraph tests, Shawn Head engaged in extensive negotiations with the prosecutor.

Ultimately, Shawn Head convinced the prosecution to dismiss all charges before the preliminary examination; an extremely rare feat.

Foreign Student Charged with Three Felonies

Our client was a foreign student about to finish her last semester of college when she was arrested and charged with three felonies. One of the felonies charged, Conducting a Criminal Enterprise, carried a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Our client’s boyfriend was also arrested and charged with nearly identical crimes. The Head Law Firm referred the boyfriend to a criminal defense attorney colleague. We, along with our co-counsel were able to get five of the charged felony counts dismissed following a Preliminary Examination that lasted 3 days, but the most serious felonies remained. The State then amended the charges and added additional counts.

We fought back and filed additional motions in the circuit court. Because of our tenacious advocacy, we were able to negotiate a favorable resolution for our client. All of our client’s charges were dismissed, in exchange for her pleading guilty to a low level common law offense and agreeing to return to her home country (which was already her plan). Our client was able to finish school, obtain her bachelor’s degree, and put that nightmare behind her.

Domestic Violence

We represented a man accused of domestic violence. After we reviewed the evidence, however, we noticed several inconsistencies that weakened the government’s case.

Rather than take a plea deal, the team at The Head Law Firm demanded that the government present their evidence at trial. When they could not, the case was dismissed!

Client Arrested on Two Ten-Year-Old Felony Warrants

Our client was arrested on two ten-year-old open felony warrants. Our client had two felony drug charges from ten years ago, had skipped bond, and just never took care of them. We immediately got involved and ordered all the evidence from the police. We quickly discovered that the State did not have the evidence to proceed to trial and win.

Ultimately, we convinced the State to dismiss the charges. We then filed a motion with the circuit court judge to withdraw the judgment forfeiting our client’s bond. We were able to highlight all the positive changes our client had made in his life over the past ten years, and the judge granted our motion. That saved our client approximately $30,000 – in addition to having his felony charges dismissed.

Real Estate Law

Escaping an Unfair Real Estate Deal

Client signed a purchase agreement to buy a house, and he put down a substantial deposit. For multiple reasons, the client decided that he no longer wanted to buy the house. When he tried to terminate the deal, the sellers refused to return his deposit, and claimed that he had forfeited it. Shawn Head was able to discover that the sellers had failed to comply with a rather obscure statutory requirement; the sellers failed to attach a notice that the property was serviced by private road that was not maintained by the county road commission. By not providing such a notice, under Michigan law, the buyer was able to terminate the purchase agreement without penalty.

Ultimately, the seller was forced to return the Client’s entire deposit.

Family Facing Foreclosure

A prominent local attorney faced foreclosure and the loss of her family’s house due to some complicated legal and financing circumstances. We dug deeper into the transactions and found major flaws in the financier’s record keeping and legal arguments. 

After filing counter-arguments and several months of litigation, we renegotiated a favorable resolution and saved our client’s home!

Civil Litigation

D.B. vs. RV Sales Broker

Client, a Pennsylvania resident, sold his RV through the Defendant, a sales broker. The broker was a limited liability company located in Michigan. The broker sold Client’s RV to a buyer from California. The buyer drove the RV to California and disappeared without ever making a payment. After analyzing Client’s agreement with the broker, Shawn Head discovered that the broker had agreed to guaranty the payments on the RV if the buyer failed to make the payments. Shawn Head filed a lawsuit against the Defendant broker and was able to prove that it was a sham limited liability company.

Ultimately, Shawn Head was able to obtain a judgement in excess of $200,000 against the broker, and all of its owners.

Dental Office vs. R.G.

Client was sued by his former dentist for allegedly not paying the dentist’s bill. After consulting with the client and reviewing his dental billing records, Shawn Head learned that the Client was billed for services that the dentist did not actually perform. Shawn Head also learned that the dentist had likely fraudulently billed Client’s dental insurance carrier.

Shawn Head negotiated with the dentist’s attorney, and was able to convince him to quickly dismiss the lawsuit.

Student Loan Servicer vs. G.S.

Client was sued by his student loan servicer for allegedly defaulting on his student loan payments. The student loan servicer filed a motion for a judgment as a matter of law. Shawn Head filed a cross-motion to dismiss the case. Shawn Head was able to show that Client’s loan had been sold and assigned to multiple different loan servicers in the years before the lawsuit was filed. In his motion, Shawn Head claimed that the loan servicer was not able to definitively prove that it actually owned the Client’s student loan. 

Rather than proceed with the lawsuit, the loan servicer agreed to settle the case for approximately 25% of the amount it had originally sought in the lawsuit.

Disgruntled Acquaintance vs. Prominent Lawyer.

A prominent lawyer was sued by a disgruntled acquaintance with a petty, misguided personal vendetta. The lawyer turned to The Head Law Firm for representation. We quickly saw that the lawsuit was filed in an attempt to harm our client’s reputation. We filed several procedural motions right away, including a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

After our motions were filed, the Plaintiff and his attorney agreed to dismiss the lawsuit, and several inflammatory documents were withdrawn and stricken from the record to protect our client’s reputation.

Two Corporate Professionals Sued

We represented two corporate officers who were sued in their individual capacities for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Plaintiffs’ claims were very serious and involved complex franchise agreements and alleged violations of Michigan’s Franchise Investment Law. The attorneys at The Head Law Firm employed some unique and aggressive strategies to advocate for our clients’ interests.

After several months of litigation, we were able to negotiate a very favorable final settlement resolution for our clients and saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential liability.

Frivolous Lawsuit Against Respected Doctor

Unfortunately, sometimes people file frivolous lawsuits. Recently, our client, a doctor, was sued by her ex-husband’s new wife. It was clear from the start that the lawsuit was filed to harass our client.

We filed procedural motions challenging the complaint and were able to convince the Plaintiff and her attorneys to agree to dismiss the lawsuit.